Episode 68: Olivia Chaney of Offa Rex

Born in Italy and raised in the English city of Oxford, Olivia Chaney is an acclaimed and classically-trained pianist/folk singer who -- thanks to a Twitter dialogue with Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy -- recently partnered with the group to form the side-project Offa Rex, providing a psychedelic motif to traditional British folk songs from as early as the 17th century. This week, Olivia talks about being intrigued by Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding LP as a child, the vinyl care package she recently received from her label Nonesuch, opening shows for the legendary Robert Plant, the song selection process for Offa Rex's debut album The Queen Of Hearts, how our discussion has potentially influenced her to record direct to analog from now on and how cassette tapes on family road trips not only formed her earliest musical memories, but also became the focus for the cover of her debut album, 2015's The Longest River. Visit both oliviachaney.net and offarex.co for music, social media and more! SPONSORS: Vinyl Me, Please; Pinwheel Records; Vinyl For A Cause; Flipbin.

James Laczkowski