Episode 95: Aaron Hartley (Forever Analog / Country Music Association)

As director of business affairs at the Country Music Association, Aaron Hartley clears rights for online content, works with music publishers on payments for song placements and acts as a liaison between artists and the CMA for television properties. But before working in the world of country music, Aaron cut his teeth by launching Theory Eight Records, a small indie-rock label that has released material for the likes of Bully, Caitlin Rose and Copeland among others.

Aside from finding and fixing classic audio gear, Aaron also currently runs Forever Analog, a mixture of a clothing brand and a community that extends beyond his passion for vinyl to celebrate anything tactile, including reel-to-reel players and classic photography equipment. On today’s show, we examine how the CMA was born out out of radio's reaction to Elvis' fame, the importance of Weird Al, how we can prevent hobbies like collecting vinyl from becoming too overwhelming and more. Visit Aaron's websites -- aaronhartley.me and foreveranalog.net -- for updates on DIY projects, insightful blog pieces, his social media and more.

James Laczkowski