Episode 101: Legends, Dinosaurs, Terrorists and Jackasses

Over the hump on the podcast we return to the odds to update you on the latest in Blu-rays and DVDs. Returning champion Sergio Mims is back to discuss a 4K set 65 million years in the making, the latest from Olive Films and Clint Eastwood and his personal recollection of how he forced himself to see ‘70s disco cult classic, Thank God It’s Friday. It’s all wrapped in a tidy bowl that brings us back around to some newly released editions of classic John Landis.


Universal (Jurassic Park Collection, The Strangers: Prey at Night)

Olive (Odds Against Tomorrow, Cold Turkey, A Bucket of Blood)

Mill Creek (Gridiron Gang, Thank God It’s Friday, 9 Pulse-Pounding Classics Set)

Warner Bros. (Game Night, The 15:17 to Paris)

Paramount (Jerry Lewis 10-Film Collection, Jackass Complete Film & TV Collection, South Park: Season 21, Coming to America, Trading Places)

Turbine Media (Schlock)

James Laczkowski