Episode 121: Shampoo & Schlock: Are There Still Films For Adults?


Sergio Mims returns to help guide us through a swath of new Blu-rays. Along with Erik Childress they take sides in the Blindspotting vs. Sorry to Bother You debate. The evolution of the Rambo Trilogy is discussed as well as appreciation for Terry Gilliam and the new 4K edition of Superman. From their appreciation of the awfulness of Maximum Overdrive to the respect of The Day of the Jackal, the duo also get into other films of the 70s and the chicken-and-the-egg factor that drives Hollywood to make films for adults.

Lionsgate (Blindspotting, Rambo Trilogy, Maximum Overdrive, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Juliet Naked, Final Score)

Fox (Sorry to Bother You)

Twilight Time (Black Widow, Sword of Sherwood Forest)

Arrow (Schlock, The Day of the Jackal, Distant Voices Still Lives, 12 Monkeys)

Warner Bros. (Superman 4K)

Criterion (Shampoo)

James Laczkowski