Episode 143: Don’t You Believe It!


Erik Childress and Sergio Mims go into the latest in Blu-rays and DVDs by discussing a film once advertised as one of the scariest movies ever as well as another horror film that was overlooked and is actually much freakier. They also discuss the origin of Batman’s Joker, the “Morgan Fairchild Experience,” two of the great filmmakers in Hal Ashby and Buster Keaton and another who, with only one film, may someday be looked back upon as well.

Olive (The Believers, How To Stuff a Wild Bikini)

Flicker Alley (The Man Who Laughs, The Last Machine)

Shout Factory (Earthquake, Seduction, The Universal Horror Collection Vol. 1, Fatso, The Entity, Mystery Science Theater 300 Vol. 11)

Oscilloscope (Columbus, Hal)

Cohen Media Group (The Buster Keaton Collection Vol. 1)

James Laczkowski