Episode 154: Right Back Where Putney Started


Erik Childress & Sergio Mims go into the archives for a number of new titles this episodes. There is some real nostalgia for Shout Factory’s Universal Horror Collections and an overlooked war film from Warner Archive. They dust off some titles from Mill Creek ranging from horror and sci-fi to one of the most epic westerns ever. They talk about Kathryn Bigelow’s first film, an appreciation for one of John Hughes’ films and jump to a film from this past summer that got unfairly ignored by audiences. Not to be outdone they also have titles from Brian DePalma, Oliver Stone and a special look at the latest commentary track by Sergio Mims on Robert Downey Sr.’s Putney Swope.

Arrow (Weird Science, Hold Back the Dawn, The Loveless)

Warner Archive (Merrill’s Marauders)

Mill Creek (Anaconda, Eyes of Laura Mars, Ghosts of Mars, Lonesome Dove, Mothra)

Lionsgate (Hellboy, Domino, Long Shot, The Doors 4K)

Shout Factory (The Universal Horror Collection Vols. 1 & 2)

Vinegar Syndrome (Putney Swope)

James Laczkowski