Episode 40: To Franchise Or Not To Franchise

Erik Childress has returned from Sundance, but on this episode must first address the growing list of franchise entries that studios are besieging the marketplace with. Patrick Bromley of FThisMovie.net joins him to talk the best and worst of them as well as to discuss this year’s upcoming FThisMovie Fest. Before that though, Sergio Mims is back like John Wick to catch-up on the latest movies you can catch up with on DVD.

0:00:00 – 0:04:47 – Intro

0:04:47 – 1:18:16 – Sergio Mims & The Blu-rays

1:18:16 – 1:58:28 – Franchise Evolution with Patrick Bromley

1:58:28 – 2:01:21 – Outro

James Laczkowski