Episode 58: The Big, Healthy Streets of Fire

Sergio Mims returns to run the gamut of Blu-ray releases from a timely thriller from the 1960s to a group of ‘80s titles for adults and cults alike. It all leads up to an appreciation of Walter Hill’s Streets of Fire. Before that though, Erik Childress takes you through the summer box office and how the success of Kumail Nanjiani’s The Big Sick could be a big thing.

0:00:00 – 0:01:25 – Intro

0:01:25 – 0:30:23 – Summer Box Office Update (through July 9, 2017)

0:30:23 – 1:43:46 – Blu-rays with Sergio Mims

1:43:46 – 1:45:52 – Outro

Blu-Rays/DVDs Covered

Warner Archive (The Accidental Tourist, The Loved One, Seven Days in May, Vision Quest, Humoresque, Baby Doll)

Anchor Bay (The Founder)

Sony (The Red Turtle, The Salesman)

Mill Creek (Spacehunter)

Shout Factory (Willard, Ben, Streets of Fire)

James Laczkowski