Episode 64: Tough Guys – Then & Now

Rarely does the regular Blu-ray visit from “the walking Wikipedia of film knowledge” Sergio Mims produce a theme, but we couldn’t help notice a bit of one in this episode. Come listen to stories about Peter Sellers, Lionel Stander and James Garner. Sergio & Erik have fun breaking down the exasperated aura of John Wick and how Life finds a way to be cruel.

0:00:00 – 0:01:52 – Intro

0:01:52 – 1:10:57 – Blu-rays with Sergio Mims

1:10:57 – 1:13:54 – Outro

Blu-Rays/DVDs Covered

Arrow (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage)

Shout Factory (Hart to Hart, The Pink Panther Collection)

Mill Creek (The Rockford Files Complete Series)

Kino (Tough Guys)

Sony (T2: Trainspotting, Life)

Lionsgate (John Wick Chapter Two)

James Laczkowski