Episode 79: The Last Jedi and the Evolution of Star Wars


Erik Childress is joined by regular guests Sergio Mims and Erik Laws on this very special show to examine the lasting impact of the Star Wars franchise from its skeptical beginnings to its current Episode. They discuss The Last Jedi at length from their initial thoughts to its overriding themes and everything down to sound design and the bittersweet impact of Carrie Fisher’s final appearance. They can not always ignore the politics from 1977-to-2017 but this is a joyful, fun on-location discussion about the most anticipated film of the year.

0:00:00 – 0:03:17 – Intro

0:03:18 – 2:10:43 – The Last Jedi (w/Sergio Mims & Erik Laws)

2:10:43 – 2:12:54 – Outro

James Laczkowski