Episode 82: It’s Yor’s World. We’re Just Living In It


Erik Childress is joined by Sergio Mims to do their first official Blu-ray show of the year. They are hoping to catch everyone up on some recent releases from Twilight Time, some favorites of Sergio’s from Indicator, mutual favorites of theirs from Shout Factory and Arrow and then conclude talking about a Blu-ray Erik has been waiting 35 years for.


Twilight Time (Forever Amber, Wuthering Heights, The L-Shaped Room, Alice)

Indicator (The Fortune, The Border, Charley Varrick, Blue Collar)

Shout Factory (Matinee, The Cat Returns, The Trip to Spain)

Arrow (The Apartment)

Mill Creek (Jerry Lewis Triple Feature, S.W.A.T. (TV & Film), Yor: The Hunter from the Future)

James Laczkowski