Episode 96: The Awful Truth of P.T. Barnum (and Hobgoblins)

Catching up on Blu-ray releases, Erik Childress and Sergio Mims go over popular musicals forty years apart and why The Greatest Showman ultimately fails. They also dig into some classic exploitation releases from their youth courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome, Shout Factory and MVD. They also discuss the resume of Jean Claude Van-Damme and what made Cary Grant so great.

Paramount (Grease)

Fox (The Greatest Showman)

MVD (The Twilight People)

Vinegar Syndrome  (Hobgoblins, Nightmare Sisters, Welcome Home Brother Charles)

HBO (Curb Your Enthusiasm 9th Season)

Shout Factory (Cyborg, Full Moon High)

Criterion (The Awful Truth)

James Laczkowski