Episode 13: Jeremy Richey

Bill speaks with Jeremy Richey, editor and co-creator of the quarterly print journal Art Decades. They talk about the origins of this publication and his litany of film-related blogs, among them Moon In The Gutter, Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience, Nostalgia Kinky and Harry Moseby Confidential. They also discuss plagiarism, influential books, Jean Rollin, feminism, Tim Lucas, Jeremy’s documentary appearances, Kimberly Kane, discouraging freelance writing experiences and details about his upcoming book focusing on the European film career of Sylvia Kristel.

Buy past issues of Art Decades:

Read Jeremy Richey’s long-running blog, Moon In The Gutter:

Read A Return To Utrecht, Jeremy Richey’s Sylvia Kristel blog: https://areturntoutrecht.wordpress.com/

Read Jeremy Richey’s Nastassja Kinski blog Nostalgia Kinky:

Read Jeremy Richey’s Jean Rollin blog Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience:
Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience

James Laczkowski