Episode 17: Marc Walkow

Bill speaks with DVD/Blu-Ray producer, writer and film festival programmer Marc Walkow about his many projects and pursuits in the world of film culture, from his early days at TLA Video to programming for the New York Asian Film Festival to his essential role in turning Nobuhiko Obayashi’s HOUSE into a popular cult film. They discuss his extensive history in home video: developing the Euroshock and Mario Bava Collections at Image, producing the Merchant-Ivory Collection at Home Vision, developing special features for Criterion Collection titles like VIDEODROME, producing lavish box sets for Arrow Films like BATTLES WITHOUT HONOUR AND HUMANITY and FEMALE PRISONER SCORPION: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION. Other subjects covered include Marc’s involvement with feature films like the ABCs OF DEATH series, his years as marketing coordinator for the film label Sushi Typhoon, work/life balance, SHIN GODZILLA, writing for Video Watchdog and Film Comment, MOMA’s Tomu Uchida retrospective and the future of home video. Also be sure to listen to the introduction regarding a break that Bill will be taking, so this will be the last episode for 2016.

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