Episode 38: Eric Allen Hatch


Bill speaks to writer and film programmer Eric Allen Hatch about his many endeavors, from writing criticism for Baltimore’s City Paper to his years serving as director of programming for the Maryland Film Festival. Topics discussed include the Filmmaker Magazine piece “Why I Am Hopeful”, The Red Room Collective, Video Americain, Skizz Cyzyk and MicroCineFest, Beyond Video, Baltimore Museum Of Art’s Free First Thursdays film series, memes and social media, POSSESSION, Metrograph, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the need for community engagement as a programmer.


Read “Why I Am Hopeful”, Eric Allen Hatch’s Filmmaker Magazine piece on the future of arthouse programming:

Read Eric Allen Hatch’s 2015 piece on Baltimore movie theaters of the past:

Hear Eric Allen Hatch discuss POSSESSION on The Cinephiliacs:

Visit Beyond The Boonmemes, Eric Allen Hatch’s new Patreon page:

Read “Cinema Without Safety Goggles”, Eric Allen Hatch’s new essay for Metrograph: http://metrograph.com/edition/article/62/cinema-without-safety-goggles

Learn about Beyond Video, the Baltimore Video Collective’s not-for-profit video rental store: https://beyondvideo.org/

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